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Tired of dodging tree stumps?

Stump grinding will eliminate stumps for good

Are you tired of mowing around stumps in your yard? We have just what you need. Our powerful stump grinder safely grinds down the stump to below ground level, ensuring that it won't grow back. And the wood chips it creates can be used for your garden or landscape unless you prefer we haul it away. Tree stumps left to rot on their own can become insect infested and tripping hazards and that’s not what any homeowner wants.

Stump grinder getting rid of stump

Stump grinding is permanent

Stump grinding has numerous advantages over traditional stump removal methods such as digging up the stump or using chemicals. It’s much quicker and ensures the stump is completely gone. In fact, since we grind the stump to a few inches below grade, it leaves the area suitable for adding nutrient-rich soil and grass seed right on top of the area when we’re finished. Stump grinding is an eco-friendly and cost effective solution for getting rid of unsightly tree stumps that can ruin the look of your yard or garden. 

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